We take great pride in our work and devote the necessary time to each and every stage of each piece we produce.

Our pricing guide is comprehensive and carefully costed to allow us to produce work of consistently high quality, for all our clients, not just the occasional mount when it suits. We do not use a “hidden, adjustable price list system” and alter the quality and speed of our production to suit the price you pay, simply to get your order.

Please feel free to consult our extensive portfolio, for high quality, high resoluotion images  of our work.


    Prices are for birds mounted on a simple base with basic decoration.

    Prices do not include the following:

    • Habitat work, artistic driftwood, Polished hardwood bases, plinths, glass cases, inscriptions.
    • Extra work on bad or damaged specimens, unusually large specimens.
    • Action, flying or dynamic poses.
    • Packing, packaging, carriage, delivery, collection.
    • Any license applications and other admin.
    • Prices here are as a guide only and are subject to change.
    • Email us with your full details and precise requirements for an accurate estimate.

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  • U.K full mammals price guide

    Costs here for basic mount plain stance. Open mouths, action poses are additional
    These prices are as a guide and are subject to change. Always email us for accurate estimates of costs.

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  • Fish taxidermy

    We specialise in advanced, high quality skin mount fish taxidermy, using our own unique method for producing fish mounts. We can also produce unique skin mounts in a double sided 360° presentation to be viewed from any side. Please contact us about costs for these types of mount and see exmples in the fish gallleries of our site.
    We can also produce resin based replicas, to any degree of complexity and in the finest anatomical detail.
    Painting fish is an art in itself and requires a detailed, accurate and faithful portrayal of the original fish. In most species, this involves taking detailed reference photos and then hand painting every indivual scale, at least twice, and applying multiple layers of subtle tones to create the look of a particular fish which is faithfull to its original markings.
    We charge by the inch for most fish work, with a minimum charge below a certain size for very small fish.
    Bow fronted (and other case designs), plinths, wall panels, habitat settings, inscriptions etc, are a separate component of the work and are charged for accordingly.
    Prices given in the tables below are as guide only, they are not a quote. Actual costs are based on a consultation and a detailed specification for an individual fish. Always email us with your full details and exact requirements.
    With very small fish (like a goldfish) the time taken to mount a fish is not proportionate to its size.
    Production of a small fish is very exacting, detailed and very time consuming, consequently a very small fish can cost as much as a far bigger one.
    Click on the "view prices" tab below for a guide to costs.

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  • Game heads

    Basic standard shoulder mount price guide.
    These prices are as a guide only and are subject to change.
    Always email us for accurate estimates of costs.

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    If you require an estimate for any safari work please email us with your full details and a detailed list of your animal(s) along with specifications for the mounts.

    We do not any longer list costs for our African work, or give over the phone estimates. There are several issues which have led to this decision.

    Lead times – it can take up to 12 months to ship skins here.
    Exchange rates, tannery costs and form costs.
    Some services and materials are sourced in Europe. Rates have been fluctuating and we are not prepared to soak up the difference until rates stabilise long term.

    Skins from the African continent have always been something of an “unknown” in terms of their condition on arrival because we cannot assess dry salted (dip and ship) hides until they are with us and, in some cases, have been tanned.

    Unfortunately over the last five years we have seen the quality of these skins become increasingly poor from some sources. We have to spend more of our time in repairing and saving skins that are needlessly ruined by incompetence, procrastination or negligence of responsibility by others in the chain who are not doing their job to an acceptable standard. I am not the only taxidermist to notice this worsening problem.

    Field prep of your skins is what you as the client have paid for and a well skinned cape, properly cleaned of flesh, washed. salted, dried and stored in dry conditions is a basic, minimum requirement to produce a good quality mount. If it is not done properly you will have to pay again for these problems to be sorted out as they are not of your taxidermists making.

    The problems include:

    • Rushed and or unskilled skinning causing epidermal skin slip. Particularly on ears, eyelids, lips, feet hooves.
    • Pests (insects) attacking the skins in storage and eating/destroying portions of them.
    • Not de fleshing removing fat and washing skins. Causing them “fat rot”
    • Stale, bad quality salt and bad storage causing skins to slip/rot and ruin.
    • Storage – all of the above can be done to the top standard but just a few days of bad storage can ruin a skin.

    We will now be charging for the extra time we must spend on repairing and recovering these skins which have been spoiled.
    The client will be sent photos and a full report of the exact issues and the charges to sort out the mess.

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