Introduction to Gameheads

We hope you enjoy looking through our gamehead work portfolio. We will be adding to it over time.

It shows examples of our work across a range of game animal species.   The images herein are intended to demonstrate our ability and competence, but above all, our level of commitment to high standards and anatomical accuracy in each and every piece we mount. Not just on the occasional piece.
Commercial forms are very basic and designed for speed of production. They seldom, if ever, fit the animal they are named after.  Animals, like people, are very different in size, character and anatomy. We take the necessary time to read the skin, measure it in detail, then alter the form, sometimes very radically, to ensure that it reflects not just the generic species, but the individual characteristics of the  animal concerned.

We take great pride in our work and maintaining consistently high standards is critically important to us.  We enjoy and look forward to working with clients who understand and appreciate the extra time we take to get it right.

Our commitment.

Our work goes out to very highest standards we can achieve for our valued clients, or it does not go out.