Wild Goat – Straight Mount

Wild Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus)

Wild or Feral goats, as they are also known, have been in the UK landscape for some five thousand years. Needing little or no active husbandry to produce milk and meat, they were a mainstay of human settlements for millennia, before being replaced by other breeds.

They are incredibly hardy animals, capable of thriving in some of the UKs harshest environments, such as the treeless and gale blasted north western Isles of Scotland and the equally harsh west coast of southern Ireland. These animals have survived in these environmental outposts as these are the few places that they have not been ousted from by forestry, sheep farming and other land management interests. There are good populations in many areas, but the Welsh mountains, the Cheviot Hills and the west of Scotland from Dumfries north to Ullapool have herds of varying numbers.
Sadly, like the deer, they are now regarded by many as a major threat to some environments and as a result have been culled out with no regard for herd quality or management. In areas where they are managed well, herds can be healthy and when culling is necessary managers occasionally select out some of the older Billies, which can have long wide horns, up to 100 cms in some instances. The smell of a rutting goat will belie its location at about a mile downwind and is positively eye watering within 3 feet. Handling one is not an experience one looks forward to.


Wild Goat taxidermy

The Wild goat shown here is a Billy culled from the Cheviot Hills of the Borders. Goats do not have a standard as regards the colouration of their coat, they can be from pure white to jet black or brown with any pattern or colour combination. The goat in these images is a grey or silver coat with a distinct hint of ginger over its back.
This mount is on an altered basic commercial straight shoulder mount form. The horns on this Billy whilst long are not wide, so it would not achieve a medal or be regarded as a large one.
Goats require a good deal of extra work to degrease, clean and deodorise the skin and hair, if the mount is to be in a domestic environment. Ensure the taxidermist knows how to deodorise a goat correctly. Many an amatuer mount is soon removed from display due to its strong odour.

This mount is a straight shoulder mount Wild Goat, consisting of the following components:

  • Straight shoulder mount Wild Goat.
  • Slim fit Mounting shield (unseen).