Roe Buck (Gold Medal)

Capreolus Capreolus

When this magnificent Roe buck was brought to us for mounting, it was apparent at a glance that it was going to exceed the minimum requirements for a CIC gold medal by some way. I have worked on many large “none typical” Roe buck heads over the years, but this particular one has an elegance about it, both in colour and shape, that is absent from most.

The client wanted to get this Roe buck assessed and scored by the UK C.I.C, so I prepared the head as a full skull . The statutory drying out period for a Roe buck is 90 days (CIC). This is to allow for any residual water in the skull and antlers to evaporate away completely, thus allowing for an accurate measurement of the actual true weight of the head.
After cleaning and bleaching (full skull) the head initially weighed 760 grams (48 hrs after final rinsing and initial drying). Over the next month or so the head lost around 40 grams and steadily levelled off at a final 714 grams at the 90 days statutory drying out period for CIC assessment, losing a total of 46 grams of water over the 90 days.

The Roe head was handed to CIC and returned the following scores:

Vital Statistics

The Roe buck was taken in Northumberland.
Weight in air (at over 90 days drying)  714g (full skull) – 90g = 624g.
Weight in water 476g.
Colour 3.00
Pearling 2.5
Coronets 2.5
Tine ends 1.5
Regularity and quality 1.00

After the various other required calculations and penalty points were added and/or deducted, the score was an amazing 156.13 CIC  (130. being the qualifying size for a gold.)

for more information on CIC measuring        C.I.C uk web site

Roe Buck taxidermy

This mount consists of the following:

  • Offset shoulder mount Roe buck
  • Shield (oak)
  • Gold medal (CIC)
  • Inscription

Other items/services:

  • Head cleaned full skull for assessment
  • Send and return from CIC assessment
  • Medal award and certificate doc.

Note: I am not an official measurer, though I am conversant with the assessment systems used by both CIC and BASC.  I recommend that any heads which are close to the minimum requirements for a medal are sent for official assessment. Always act on client instructions in this regard and the choice of which organisation is entirely theirs.