Red Deer Stag – Wall/Floor Pedestal

Red deer (Cervus Elaphus)

Wild Norfolk Red Deer Stag
Norfolk is in the East of England. In this area the land lies very low, sometimes below sea level, the ground is incredibly fertile and ideal for growing cereal and vegetable crops. It is also blessed with some very extensive deciduous woodland. As a consequence of this, and some genetic factors, the deer there feed well year round, and can reach huge body size. In many areas numbers are high and have to be managed. Some exceptionally large stags come out of Norfolk and CIC gold medals have been taken on some estates, which manage the stags carefully.

Wild Norfolk Red Deer Stag taxidermy

This stunning nineteen point Norfolk stag is mounted as a combination wall and floor pedestal mount. It achieved a gold medal score of 196.46 C.I.C

This mount is highly unusual, as it was produced to have two distinctly separate options for its presentation. The client wished to be able to display the stag at home, to fit in, and look good in a normal house room. However, they also wanted the option to be able to quickly remove it from its floor pedestal, transport it for public display, and then hang it directly to a high wall position, without it being affected aesthetically in either situation.

The brief then required being able to transition seamlessly from a floor pedestal to a wall mount with neither mounting system being apparent in either configuration. It also had to be achievable without the need for tools or undue fuss. These requirements had to be engineered into the manikin at the early preparation and sculptural stage form.

Combination floor pedestal and wall mountable Red deer Stag. It is mounted on a radically altered and re-sculpted basic commercial form, consisting of the following components and work:

  • Shoulder mount of the Red stag.
  • Removable antler system for ease of shipping or transport.
  • Small habitat base.
  • Polished wood bespoke floor pedestal.
  • Polished wooden wall shield.
  • Engraved plate inscription on brushed aluminium.
  • Internal mounting brackets and supporting frame mounts.
  • Photo insert.
  • Custom Engraved brushed aluminium plate.
  • The entire mount is designed to break down quickly to its component parts for ease of transition from floor pedestal to wall mount for purpose of shipping/moving.