Red Deer Stag – Straight Shoulder Mount

Red deer (Cervus Elaphus)

Aberdeenshire Red Deer Stag

Aberdeenshire is in the North East of Scotland. The area, like the South East of England, is blessed with some very fertile chalky soil, ideal for arable crops. This, along with good woodland cover, means that the Red deer there, like their cousins in the south, feed well all year round and gain good body weight and antler mass. Some exceptionally large stags come out of Aberdeenshire and, as in the south of the UK, CIC medals have been taken on some of the better estates, which manage the stags.


Aberdeenshire Red Deer Stag taxidermy

This wild 12 point or “Royal” Aberdeen stag is mounted as a straight shoulder mount.
He is from an estate in the area. He has deceptively large antlers which appear somewhat small because of his exceptionally large body size. This stag had a neck circumference of some 38”.
This mount is on an altered straight shoulder mount basic commercial form. Even with a basic straight shoulder mount we alter the form greatly to make sure it reflects the actual animal we are working on. We never fit the skin to the form.

This is a straight shoulder mount Red deer stag consisting of the following components:

  • Shoulder mount of the Red stag.
  • Polished wooden shield (not shown).
  • Engraved plate inscription on brushed aluminium (not shown).
  • Removable antlers for ease of shipping or transport.