Red Deer Stag (Norfolk) – Shoulder Mount

Red deer (Cervus Elaphus)

Norfolk Red Deer Stag

Norfolk is in the East of England and the land in the area lies very low, sometimes below sea level, the ground is incredibly fertile and ideal for growing arable crops. It is also blessed with some extensive tracts of both deciduous and coniferous woodland. As a consequence of this, and some genetic factors, the deer feed very well year round and can attain huge body size. On some estates numbers are high and have to be managed.  Some exceptionally large stags come out of Norfolk and CIC gold medals have been taken on some estates, which manage the stags carefully.


Norfolk Stag taxidermy

This Norfolk stag is mounted as a shoulder mount looking slightly to his left (your right).
This stag is a 11 pointer from an estate in the area. He is not exceptionally large for a Norfolk stag, but a very nice example. It is noteworthy that typical of the Norfolk stag, his coat is very short, so the underlying muscular anatomy can be shown.
This mount is on an altered straight shoulder mount basic commercial form. Even with a straightforward shoulder mount we alter the form greatly to make sure it reflects the actual animal we are working on. We never fit the skin to the form.

This shoulder mount Red deer stag consists of the following components:

  • Shoulder mount of the Red stag.
  • Polished wooden shield.
  • Bullet split and affixed as two halves.
  • Engraved plate inscription on brushed aluminium.
  • Removeable antlers for ease of shipping or transport.