Red Deer Stag – Floor Pedestal

Red deer (Cervus Elaphus)

Galloway Red Deer Stag

Galloway is in the far south west of Scotland, an area often overlooked by stalkers heading further north, to the famed highland Estates. The mature Galloway stags are often far larger in body and heavier antlered than their open hill cousins. Some very large stags come out of Galloway. They can also often have a large mane or ruff around their neck, making them a stunning sight during the autumn rut. The one featured here is not a huge example, but a nice representative ten point head from a managed herd on a large estate in the area.


The Galloway Stag taxidermy

This ten point Galloway stag is mounted as a floor pedestal mount.
Many red stag shoulder mounts are relegated to the stairs in a standard property. A benefit of the floor pedestal mount is that it can be displayed in any standard height modern house room (ceiling height of about 8 feet) without looking out of place or too big for the wall, as a shoulder mount would.
The pose of this floor pedestal mount shows this red deer stag to his best advantage. It is a far superior presentation to a basic straight shoulder mount in every degree. The animal is viewed eye level at its normal height.

This mount is on a radically altered straight shoulder mount, basic commercial form. As the images show, this degree of alteration and re-sculpting requires more studio hours to achieve than simply mounting the skin on a basic unaltered form. There are also other additional cost considerations, such as the bespoke designed pedestal, the unseen supporting structural work and the inscription. Consequently, the fee will be commensurate with the extra work and components required.
This option requires consultation and planning with the client to ensure that it is specifically designed for where it will be displayed.

It is a bespoke built floor pedestal mount Red deer stag, consisting of the following components:

  • The pedestal mount of the Red stag (substantially altered form).
  • Bespoke designed and built polished wooden floor pedestal.
  • Photo installed in front cut out.
  • Engraved plate inscription.
  • The mount comes to pieces for shipping or transport.