Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

The Rainbow trout is a staple of the fly fishing world. They are not a native of UK waters, but are indigenous to the the western seaboard of North America, where they live and breed in clean water rivers. In the UK, Rainbows are widely farmed for both food and sport fishing and many fisheries, lakes and reservoirs are regularly stocked with them. Rainbow trout are stocked at varying sizes from a few ounces to upwards of 20lbs to 35lbs (9 to 13kg). Sometimes we hear of triploid Rainbows. These are fish which are produced by the breeders to be sterile and will, as a consequence, put more energy into growth and muscle development, providing not just better body size and a good fight for the rod, but are also better for the table.

Rainbow Trout taxidermy

We have mounted a great many Rainbows over the years and it is interesting to see how the quality of the rainbows has improved markedly. In early years large Rainbows were often quite blobby looking with malformed or disproportionately small pectoral and ventral fins and a ragged caudal fin. These days we see much less of this, as fish farms and fisheries improved the way they keep and rear the fish.

This nice 13 lbs 9oz specimen rainbow trout was caught at the Avington Fishery, near Winchester in Hampshire (LINK TO AVINGTON TROUT.COM), which is fed by the waters of the famous River Itchen. We mounted it in one of our own traditional bow fronted cases to the clients’ specification. This is a skin mount of the actual trout and not a cast or reproduction.

This mount consists of the following components:

  • Skin mount of 30” Rainbow trout.
  • Bow fronted glass case (finished in medium Georgian Oak and lacquered).
  • Internal habitat work.
  • Gold lettering.