Nyala Bull – Floor Pedestal

Nyala (Tragelaphus angasii)

The Nyala Bull is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most shy, stunning and sought after spiral horn antelope. They could almost be described as the peacock of the antelope world. The male is a stunning looking animal with striking markings and colouration.

Mature Nyala Bulls are usually solitary in nature. Weighing up to 140 kg (300 lbs) only the male Nyala carries horns 60–83 cm (24–33 in) long with yellow or “ivory” tips. The females (cows) are much smaller 70 to 80 kg (180lbs) with far paler, less striking markings. To the uninitiated one might imagine that they were a different species. The cows often will form loose herds of up the 30 animals also consiting of calves and young sub adult males.

Natives of eastern southern Africa, they occur throughout South Africa where habitat suits and on countless game reserves and national parks. Nyala like ample cover and bush thickets. They are both grazers and browsers and will exploit a varied diet.


Nyala floor pedestal mount taxidermy

In my opinion, the floor pedestal mount is surpassed only by a full mount for this species. The Floor pedestal mount Nyala demonstrates these stunning antelope to their very best advantage. It is far superior to a basic straight shoulder mount in every degree.  The animal is viewed eye level at its normal height. Another substantial benefit being that it can be displayed in a standard sized house room (ceiling height of about 8 feet) without looking out of place or too big for the wall, as a shoulder mount would.

This mount, as images A to D show, is on a radically altered, basic commercial, straight shoulder mount form.   Image A shows the unaltered basic form. Image B the alteration required a half turn to the left, substantial  increase in neck length and girth to gain the “rut” neck look on this large specimen. Further reshaping and contouring of the back and scapula anatomy. The head also required substantial alterations to fit the skin as required. Image C shows the finer modelling and anatomy over the stuctural alterations and prior to the fine modelling of the face (shown in Image D).                                                                                                                                       The degree of alteration and resculpting to produce a mount such as this, quite obviously, requires far more studio hours, anatomical knowledge and skill than simply mounting the skin on a basic unaltered straight form. There are also the additional components, such as the bespoke designed pedestal, habitat work, inserts, photo and the unseen structural work. Consequently the fee will be commensurate with the extra work and the components required to complete it. This option requires consultation and planning with the client to ensure that it is specifically designed for where it will be displayed.

This bespoke Nyala Bull floor pedestal mount consists of the following components:

  • The pedestal mount of the Nyala (substantially atlered form)
  • Small habitat base
  • Bespoke designed and built polished wooden floor pedestal
  • Three Zebra skin “Africa” inserts  in the cut outs.
  • Photo installed in front cut out.