Mouflon Ram

Mouflon Ram (Ovis orientalis orientalis)

Mouflon are not found in the U.K, other than perhaps in a park or zoo. The Mouflon is a species of wild sheep and is generally said to be one the ancestral forms of most domestic sheep. There are a several subspecies and there is much dispute about their actual history. I will not add to it here. Hardy and wary animals, they can live happily in challenging environments such as high mountains up to 3000 metres, but are equally happy in lowland forest. They are now to be found throughout Europe in hunting preserves and some national parks. Both the sexes can have horns but, as with many bovines, the males can have huge and heavy horns with multiple curls. This fact makes them popular for hunting and the meat is also very good.

A large Ram can have a horn length of 88cm (35”) measured around the curl with over 25cm (10”) circumference at the horn bases, which would correspond as a gold medal under CIC rules.


Mouflon Ram taxidermy

The Mouflon Ram shown here is a large Ram. He was not officially scored but is probably a CIC silver medal. He has a good coat and the long neck hair of an older Ram.

This mount is on a basic commercial generic mouflon form, altered to fit the individual skin (cape). Even with a straightforward shoulder mount we alter the form greatly to make sure it reflects the actual animal we are working on. We never fit the skin to the form.

This is a shoulder mount Mouflon Ram looking slightly to his right (your left) consisting of the following components:

  • Shoulder mount of the Mouflon Ram.