Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

In spite of its diminutive size, the kingfisher is without a doubt one of the most strikingly beautiful birds we have in the UK. Living along almost any clean clear watercourse, reservoir or lake, with suitable nesting habitat and fish prey, they are relatively common now and are even expanding into northern Scotland, probably due to our milder winters. Feeding mainly on small fish like minnows, sticklebacks and other small fry, they nest in a burrow excavated into a muddy bank, preferably overlooking deep fast flowing water, to deter predation. In harsh winters, when water freezes and small fish move to deep water, they can suffer mass mortality from starvation, but they will migrate to the coast to salt marshes and tidal estuarieswith with calm water , where small fish are still accessible. Kingfishers are fiercely territorial and fights between adult males can lead to one or both of the birds being drowned because they fight so aggressively.

Kingfisher taxidermy

Kingfisher mortality, perhaps unsurprisingly, in our experience seems to be mainly from flying into windows and conservatories of houses which are located near a water course. I have had two which actually drowned each other in a territorial fight, witnessed by a fisherman, who then retrieved the two small bodies from the waters of the gravel pit he was fishing in.

Kingfishers are a very stunning bird if mounted well. Their small size, and rarity to obtain, means that they really should be cased, if possible, to protect them from dust. The one featured here was mounted as if rising from the water over a small cast resin water effect pool with some bankside habitat to set the context for the bird. The completed tableau was then cased in a glass case. We can produce any scenario required.

  • x1 mounted kingfisher (flying pose).
  • Habitat detailing: mosses, lichens, grasses, water pool effect.
  • 4mm toughened glass case, approximately 11” X 11” X 14” high.
  • Oak base surround.

Notes on our bespoke glass cases

  • All our glass cases are bespoke made by us in our studio.
  • Bases and frames are in solid oak (stained and finished as per client requirements).
  • Glass- We only use process toughened and stamped 4mm clear float annealed glass.
  • Joints are glass clear Epoxy Resin bonded.

N.B. We do not use the structurally inferior and cheap 2mm float glass in our cases. Our Larger cases are in 6mm toughened.