Gemsbuck or Oryx

Gemsbok or Gemsbuck (Oryx gazella)

The Gemsbuck or Oryx is a large Antelope. They are herd animal, usually in groups of up to 40 plus individuals, comprising mostly of females and no dominant bulls. Both male and female Gemsbuck carry horns and look strikingly similar. For many, judging male from female can be difficult, especially at a distance in the bush. The females horns are often much longer than the males, but are of a lesser circumference at the horn base. Males can weigh up to 240 kg (530 lb), while females weigh to 200 kg (420 lb).

Gemsbuck are incredibly tough and hardy. They thrive in hot, arid desert such as the Namib and Kalahari, where most other animals would not survive. They are common throughout South Africa, mainly on Game parks and large National parks.


The Gemsbok or Gemsbuck taxidermy

  • This gemsbok or gemsbuck is presented as an offset pedestal shoulder mount.
  • The mount is going to the left, looking over its left shoulder directly at the viewer, typically how you would see it in the wild.
  • This presentation is far more natural than the conventional shoulder mount of the oryx, as the enforced severe turn necessary because of the length of the horns is not at all a natural look.
  • This mount can be floor pedestal mounted or wall mounted.
  • Other options: shield, inscription.
  • The offset shoulder mount presents any antelope or deer in a far more natural and pleasing way.
  • This mount is typically around 15 to 20% higher cost than a standard straight shoulder mount.