Eland Big Bull

Eland Bull (Taurotragus oryx)

The Common or Southern Eland is a large spiral horned Antelope. Both the Bulls and the cows have horns, but the bulls’ horns are more robust and thicker. A large old bull can weigh in at over 900Kg (2000lbs).
Occurring in sometimes large herds, they are widespread throughout central southern Africa, extending north to Ethiopia. They are happy in almost any habitat, from grassy plains to mountain scrub, anywhere other than arid desert, thick forest or swamp.  They are most common today in the larger game parks and private game ranches, where they are protected from poaching and indiscriminate bush meat hunting which is an increasing and worrying threat to wild game throughout Africa today.

Southern Eland Bull taxidermy

  • This Southern Eland is presented as a straight shoulder mount.
  • No shield, inscription.
  • Other options are a floor pedestal mount. Left or right turn and offset wall shoulder mount.

Bull Eland, like many African antelope species, vary greatly in size.  This is a large Bull, with a heavy rut neck, sizeable dew lap with a lot of loose skin folds and muscular anatomy. This individual had a neck circumference of some 5 feet.  This anatomy and high level of detail takes many hours to reproduce accurately and faithfully.
A small bull with far less bulk and anatomy requires far less work and will be proportionately less costly to mount.

If space is an issue, consider where or even if, you would display such a massive mount. This mount wa over 58″ high in total.

N.B. We will not commit to a fee on any Eland until we know the size of it and therefore the work required.