Chinese Water Deer Skulls

Hydropotes Inermis

The Chinese Water Deer is unusual amongst U.K deer, due to the lack of any antlers in the male of the species. The skull of a mature male C.W.D is unique, due to its disproportionately overdeveloped canine teeth or tusks. They are very sharp and far from decorative, as the males` use them in what can be incredibly violent fights.

If a client takes a large or medal class C.W.D we can make a shoulder mount, the same way as any other deer, provided the cape has been cut correctly. However, because they have no antlers and the skull, or skull plate, is not needed in the mount, we can also prepare the whole C.W.D skull for display as an additional separate mount.

We create a small mould of the two real tusks and cast them in a filled resin to replicate them very accurately. The whole skull and lower jaw are cleaned, degreased, whitened and sealed. The original tusks can be placed in either the shoulder mount or the prepared skull, according to client preference. The skull can be handed over “as is” or placed on a presentation stand perhaps with an appropriate inscription.

This mount consists of the following:

  • X 3 C.W.D Full skulls with lower jawbone.
  • Skulls are cleaned, degreased, whitened and sealed.

Other items/services:

  •  Medal award and certificate doc.
  • Send and return from CIC assessment

Note: I am not an official measurer, though I am conversant with the assessment systems used by both CIC and BASC.  I recommend that any heads which are close to the minimum requirements for a medal are sent for official assessment. Always act on client instructions in this regard and the choice of which organisation is entirely theirs.