Burchell’s Zebra

Equus quagga burchellii

Burchell’s Zebra are a subspecies of the plains Zebra. They are the most common form found in Africa. There are several other subspecies of the Zebra, including the Hartmann’s (Equus zebra hartmannae) and the Grévy’s zebra (Equus grevyi). The sexes are very similar and telling them apart, even at close range can be very difficult.

Zebra are a herd animal. They are incredibly hardy and versatile and can survive in a large variety of habitats, from the Great Plains to thick bush and mountain scrub. They are even at home in very wet areas such as the Okavango.


Burchell’s Zebra taxidermy

  • This Burchell’s Zebra is presented as an Offset wall shoulder mount.
  • The mount is going to the right, looking over its right shoulder directly at the viewer, typically how you would see it in the wild.
  • This presentation is far superior to the straight shoulder mount, showing off the striking markings and character of these stunning animals. This mount can be pedestal mounted or wall mounted.
  • No shield, inscription.
  • The offset shoulder mount presents any antelope or deer in a far more natural and pleasing way.
  • This mount is typically around 15 to 20% higher in cost than a standard straight shoulder mount.

Zebra rugs
A word of advice on Zebra rugs.  Experience has shown that many people who take a Zebra are convinced or persuaded to opt for a rug, only to regret it later. This is because, though they are a very nice idea in theory, in practice they take up a huge amount of floor space (allow 3metres x 2metres).  They do not last if walked upon regularly and will be soon worn down. In the UK, they are also vulnerable on carpeted floors to pest attack by the carpet beetle larvae. Many soon end up folded and thrown in the loft or sold. Consider your space availability before you are talked into a rug.