Our Services

We provide our bespoke taxidermy services to museums, public institutions, naturalists, established artists, photographers, wildlife managers, the hunting, shooting and fishing community, interior designers, the antiques trade and members of the public.


We are a full time, full service taxidermy studio, capable of working to the very highest standards, in all disciplines of bird, gamehead, full mammal and fish taxidermy.


Museum taxidermy, prepared to exacting standards and presented well, is a powerful device for educating the public about natural history. Museum quality taxidermy should, by definition, be at the very pinnacle of what is possible for a taxidermy mount, in terms of strict measured reference and anatomical accuracy. It should also represent the specimen accurately in both behaviour and demeanour. Consequently there should be no quarter given to compromise on the standard and quality demanded by those tasked with commissioning taxidermy work for museums and public institutions. Poorly executed cheap taxidermy, especially in an educational context, misinforms the public grossly about both taxidermy and the subject animal. Therefore choosing whom is commissioned to do it, based on price alone, demonstrates not just a short sighted investment of public funds, but also a failure to educate the very public who, in the end, are the actual paymasters for that work. There are a very small number of professional taxidermists in the UK today who are genuinly capable of producing, what should be, the text book definition of museum quality taxidermy. We are 100% confident that we can meet these very high standards standards, to the letter, and welcome the opportunity to be tested on it.


We provide a complete, comprehensive fish taxidermy service to the very highest specification. Skin mounts are our particular speciality. We also produce whole fish pedestal mounts. These are designed to be viewed from any side or angle and present a fish in the most natural way possible. We can take on any aspect of fish taxidermy be it game fish, course or saltwater fish. We can also produce casts and reproductions.  The finishing and painting of fish is a highly skilled art, quite apart from the technical side of producing the fish. Our emphasis is on producing taxidermy fish mounts which are faithful to the real live fish, not caricatured representations.

Reptile taxidermy provides many of the same technical and artistic challenges as fish taxidermy, and though there is not a huge demand for reptile taxidermy in the UK (probably due to the costs) we do have the experience and the capability to do reptile taxidermy to a high standard and we are happy to accept serious enquiries for reptiles.


We have worked for, and collaborated with, a number of artists on various interesting, unorthodox and challenging projects in recent years. Much of this type work is done confidentially, consequently we are not able to show images or give specific examples. We are happy to explore and discuss any ideas or plans for projects if you care to email us.

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With our long experience and expertise in professional taxidermy over three decades, we can provide a confidential, comprehensive,  external consultancy service to any individual or organisation, who may require detailed and well informed advice or instruction on any aspect of taxidermy. We can provide detailed assessments, written reports and make any recommendations accordingly.


We do, under strict conditions, and at our discretion, provide a pet taxidermy service. However, we are not an emergency service for deceased pets. We do not act in haste, as a knee jerk reaction to the trauma of loss, because we are not in the business of taking money from people who are deeply upset and distressed. At a time of profound grief people require time, not a taxidermist. Pet taxidermy is very expensive and can take over a year to complete. In light of that, we have a very strict policy on accepting pets, which we adhere to without exception. If you are considering this option, now or in future, please read our pets policy (link here). It sets out our position clearly. We will not discuss pet taxidermy unless the policy has been read and understood completely. This is to protect you and us.


We can fully restore, remount and conserve old, damaged, antique and substandard mounts. In recent years we have received many poor quality shoulder mounts, done elsewhere, to standards far short of what should be expected from a professional taxidermist. We can remount and recape these pieces (Example here).
For antique pieces, with value and provenance, we assess them carefully to get the right balance between restoration and conservation. For larger jobs and projects we provide consultation and an assessment service.


We are conversant and experienced in the use of a vast range of traditional and contemporary moulding and casting mediums for the reproduction of specimens, natural objects and artefacts.  Moulding in silicone, polyurethane and latex rubbers. Casting and moulding in plasters, dental alginates, acrylics, GRP, polyurethane (foam and resin), epoxy, plastics and waxes.


We do not undertake casual valuations of taxidermy based on a phone call or a few pictures. This is basically guessing and as such imparts little useful information.
We are not buyers or dealers in either contemporary or antique taxidermy.  The market for selling taxidermy is large, complex and very fickle. There are a host of auction houses and dealers who can also be approached. They specialise in specific areas of this trade and will have their fingers on the pulse of the current market. Furthermore, there are strict laws pertaining to the trade, which are subject to constant change (usually without any notice to those they directly effect). Always check your facts and the current law well before you even consider selling or buying any taxidermy or animal parts.
If you do have a piece which requires a serious valuation, we need to examine it comprehensively, ask detailed questions about its provenance and produce a considered, detailed valuation, for which we charge a fee accordingly. A few emailed photos and/or a verbal description are not sufficient, because the provenenace is often more important than the piece itself in establishing a value.


We can undertake and create water effects, rockwork and artificial trees, model making, sculpting, casting and moulding to create habitat settings to compliment and give context to any mount.


For birds and mammals, we build our own high quality bespoke glass cases (inhouse), Oak based with epoxy resin bonded joints, using only high quality materials and toughened glass for safety in domestic and commercial situations. We also build our own bespoke design of traditional bow fronted fish cases.


We provide annually, work allowing, a small number of individually tailored courses, specific to the requirements of the client, from raw beginners, artists and those with an interest, to those who have moved into full time taxidermy and wish to advance their knowledge on particular areas of their work and develop new skill sets.


We receive many enquiries over the course of a year, from people who would like to visit us to experience a day in a professional taxidermy studio, or just ask questions about various aspects our work. This can include students, journalists and members of the public; basically anyone with an interest in some aspect of taxidermy, but who, for various reasons, do not have time or the need to attend a formal three day course.  Regretfully we cannot give our time for free, as put very simply, this is our job, not a hobby, and time spent talking is time not earning a living. In light of this we offer various options for anyone wishing to learn more, but not necessarily attend a formal course. (See details on our courses pages)



We pack and crate personally all our finished work for our international clients.
We use only purpose built ISPM 15 shipping crates.
International Air/Sea freight is arranged via specialist shipping agents. We do not ship “collect” to the U.S or Australia. All export paperwork is prepared and fully compliant with U.K export regulations. Our agents liaise with overseas shipping agents to ensure all legislation and regulations are adhered to.
N.B. We cannot ship any items or work we did not produce ourselves, or give advice on this.


We can provide a fully comprehensive “dip and ship” service for overseas clients wishing to use their own taxidermist. Contact us for details about this service.


We can provide shipping insurance via our shipping agents. All items are crated, packed and shipped for, to and on behalf of the client and entirely at clients own risk.


We can assist in insurance valuations for damaged works, repairs and replacements. (We now charge an upfront fee for consultations, viewings, estimates and administration). We are not interested in assisting people who are intent only on getting the maximum amount of money from their insurers, but who have no honest intention of actually replacing or repairing damaged items. We are wise to that ploy. If this is your intention please go elsewhere.


We are in the main a commission only studio. Consequently, we do not normally carry stocks of completed taxidermy pieces, ready mounted, intended for “off the shelf” speculative sales or hire. We can, upon consultation, within the legal framework, source and supply items for clients’ specific needs. We may occasionally have uncollected mounts or create a specific piece for sale but it is rare.