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Nigel Artingstall;   Wildlife Artist

Nigel Artingstall is a highly accomplished professional wildlife Artist, based in the North of England. His work is now highly sought after with several prestigious galleries showing his work. I have known Nigel personally, for more years than we both care to recall, and seen him develop into one of the most accomplished at his craft in the country.
If your interest is high quality wildlife art, do not take my word for it, visit Nigels` website and his work quite simply speaks for itself.     Click on the image above to open Nigels` extensive web site


Wildlife online
I found this site quite by accident looking up information but once on it I found it fascinating and hard to leave. Run by a chap called Marc Baldwin the site is a fascinating  resource, considered, well researched, well written, very informative and goes into very exhaustive detail about several species of UK wildlife.  I find it to be accurate and unbiassed. In these days of dumming down and soundbites it is refreshing to read text that keeps you reading and educates you, without the over emotive and very biassed narratives, so often presented these days, when talking of wildlife and the issues around it.

The site described below by Marc in his own words (Extract from his site)
What is Wildlife Online?
Essentially, WLOL is an educational website about British wildlife. The site contains profiles of various British animal species, with new articles in preparation all the time. The site also has articles looking at wildlife-related subjects, including hunting and animal emotions. This site is purely a hobby of mine; it does not generate any money or contain any advertising and, for the time being at least, I am happy for it to stay that way.
visit site here

taxidermy-net-link is a massive online resource for the taxidermy industry in the U.S and Canada. Taxidermy in the U.S is a massive business and this site reflects that very well. It has a substantial and very active Forum section with a huge archive and endless listings for suppliers and makers of equipment and sundries many of whom will supply to Europe and the UK. You can spend literally hours on it.


U.K Guild of taxidermists

“The Guild of Taxidermists is the only officially recognised organisation actively working with the legislative authorities to secure the future for legitimate taxidermy in the UK.”
You can find out more here

Guild of taxidermists membership is  open to anyone with an interest in taxidermy and membership fees are  reasonable.
The guild will not train or teach you to be a taxidermist but you can attend various organised events, at which there are often helpful and informative lectures and talks given. You can also take your own work along and guage your ability against that of others. I have been a member of the guild, in various capacities, since the early 1980`s  given lectures, judged competitions and credits, committee member, conference organiser and Chair, and I fully support its stated aims of raising the profile and standards within UK taxidermy.

A declaration of membership of the Guild of taxidermists is not an endorsement by the Guild of a members ability as a taxidermist, or the quality of the work they do day to day.  Anybody can apply to be a member.  Accreditation and specialist status in various categories can demonstrate that a member has achieved a certain standard, when presenting a specimen or specimens for judgement, at a meeting.


The International Union for Conservation of Nature is the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it.
Provides taxonomic, conservation status, and distribution information on taxa that are facing a high risk of global extinction.

Following text is from the introduction page of the IUCN web site
The IUCN Global Species Programme working with the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) has been assessing the conservation status of species, subspecies, varieties, and even selected subpopulations on a global scale for the past 50 years in order to highlight taxa threatened with extinction, and thereby promote their conservation…

A vast and fascinating web resource based on sound science. If you require detailed, accurate up to date scientific  information on a particular species and its conservation status this web site cannot be equalled.


Taxidermy Eyes since 2011 is a manufacturer of high-quality eyes for taxidermy.
We offer over 800 types of eyes for animals, birds, fish and reptiles in sizes from 4 to 100 mm.
We also produce artificial tongues and jawsets.
Our eyes are made from polymer resins (similar to acrylic) using our own patented technology that gives them extreme hardness, chemical stability, and heat resistance. The eyes can be dry-cleaned, treated with organic solvents, and heated to 130 degrees Celcius (about 260 degrees Fahrenheit) for 20 minutes.
We ship worldwide and have customers in over 30 countries.  Just give us a try!