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This website of my work as a professional taxidermist has been over six years in the planning and replaces the one which we built way back in 2000. The images and content herein are the culmination of a heartfelt, genuine and lifelong passion for wildlife, taxidermy, sculpture, nature and wildlife in all its many and varied forms.

Whether our work is destined for a museum, artist, naturalist, private collection or individual client, we take great pride in all our work and apply uncompromising self criticism, meticulous attention to detail and a constant drive to develop and improve our methods to maintain the highest standards.

We strive in every mount we produce to create unique, bespoke, artistic, anatomically accurate taxidermy, which reflects faithfully, both the character, nature and demeanour of the subjects upon which we are granted the opportunity to work.

I have had the great privilege of growing up and living with wild animals and birds as the constant backdrop to my life. This close contact with wildlife and nature has afforded me the opportunity to study and appreciate it on many levels.  It is the application of this lifetime of observation, experience and accumulated knowledge that has given me an understanding of how animals behave and move. I couple this knowledge of nature in life with the study of musculoskeletal anatomy and a detailed photographic reference library, to interpret and apply, when working on any given piece.

Our extensive website has been created to demonstrate the breadth and range of our experience in more than 30 years at the sharp end of professional taxidermy. We produced it, not solely to demonstrate our capabilities, but also as an informative resource for those with a genuine interest in quality, modern taxidermy and wildlife . Unless specifically stated as otherwise, all of the work shown was created exclusively in our studio.

We understand that taxidermy is not for everyone, but if it is of interest to you please take some time to look through our site.

We look forward to working with discerning clients, old and new, at home and abroad, who share our passion for high quality taxidermy, appreciate the art and demand high standards.

We sincerely hope you find it of interest.


Philip Leggett

“Everything in
nature is beautiful”


Taxidermist, ardent conservationist, sculptor, artist, author, inventor and innovator.
1864 to 1926

Carl Ethan Akeley was to me, without doubt, the man who made taxidermy truly worthy of being called an Art. He lived for it and ultimately died for it. We are fortunate indeed that he turned his incredible energy, drive, skill, intellect and limitless ingenuity, to this field and showed the world how it can, and should, be done. If what he achieved in his lifetime were not so well documented as actual fact, one might imagine it to be a fantastical story from the pages of a Hemmingway novel.

Thank you Mr Akeley, for inspiring me to try.